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{ Air Heat Exchanger Manufacturers in INDIA }

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United Heat Exchanger is a manufacture and exporter of air heat exchangers , both in steam and hot oil heated medium. Air heat exchangers have smooth Finned Tube Heat Exchanger in which more fins per inch can be integrated in the entire tube length so that combination of low friction air loses/high air velocity and maximum heat transfer per square feet of face area results in high heating or cooling capacity of Heat Exchanger in a given space. Air heat exchangers is a light weight Heat Exchanger and we have developed easy to handle. The main advantage is it saves fuel that results in reduction in number of tubes for given B.T.U., transfer per area. Because of lower air resistance this has another advantage like these require less power to deliver the required C.F.M .

These Heat Exchanger are usually used in rice mills, tea factories, chemical & pharmaceutical industries.

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